Glamorous Green Jewelry Ideas for Hot Ladies

Glamorous Green Jewelry Ideas for Hot Ladies

Emerald green jewelry is on the fire. Young ladies are crazy for green jewelry to bring powerful feeling which totally groom their personality. Emerald green is actually a type of natural gemstone, a variety of beryl made of beryllium aluminum silicate mineral. It’s refreshing and natural hues permit calming and energetic charm. Green jewelry also adds smooth feeling of growth, royalty, health, fertility and renewal. Green jewelry gains popularity as most celebrities get statement looks in green jewelry. Here we dispatch alluring jewelry in emerald green hues which really draw attentions and captured you in its spell.

Angelina Jolie in green jewelry

Angelina Jolie love emerald green as she mostly looks in emerald green jewelry. Here we bring two different look in which she get versatile and heartouching look by wearing emerald green jewelry. Teardrop cut emerald green earring is design with Swarovski crystals which add precious and luxe accent in her personality. Examine the second look in which Angelina Jolie wear square cut emerald green stone and gold chain pendant necklace and capsule shaped stud earring with dove grey silk dress.

Emerald green statement necklace

Look this stunning and heartouching statement necklace worn by the hot and glamorous Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian design by Jennifer Lopez. Luxe and dramatic emerald green stone embellished statement necklace is flawless wear with strapless black dresses. Green drop earrings also intellectual pair with statement necklace.

Glamorous emerald green jewelry

Scarlett grabs attention at Oscar’s 2015 carpet through her glamorous beauty. She look style and beautiful in emerald green dress along with collar necklace. Strapless and body hugging gown look fabulous with matching statement necklace. European crystal rhinestones are applied to design this enthralling jewelry.

Hottest personality in green jewelry

This one is wonderful jewelry set wears by the hot lady to get spectacular and seductive charm. Jahan diamond and emerald green jewelry set is fabulous ally design to grace a woman in unusual style. Entire set include statement choker necklace, drop earring finger ring and bracelet Cubby drop cut emerald stoned are surrounded with sparkly crystals dandle downward along the diamond embellished filigree necklace.

Bianca Balti spectacular look in green jewelry

Bianca Balti is gorgeous glamorous model look beautiful in white strapless and ruched waist dresses. She get impeccable glance by matching white and green hues. White dress brings soft ad delicate charm while emerald green jewelry set permit opulence and inviting glow. Emerald green choker necklace with dangling gemstones looks awesome with drop earring and ring.

Bayco emerald jewelry

It stunning and eye-popping jewelry set for empowered and status conscious ladies. Precious gemstones and diamond used to assemble this enthralling jewelry set. Necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet are including defining woman feminine charm. Green color highlights the sexual charm and brings feeling of renewal and growth.

Diamond and emerald green jewelry

Kundan and polka work also gain popularity as it bring cultural accent. Here bib chocker necklace is dramatically design in white and green hues to add opulence and inviting charm. This one is playful statement jewelry set includes bib necklace, cuff bangle and bracelet. It adds sparkling and glistering glow to rock evening looks.