How to Style Knuckle Ring Ideas

How to Style Knuckle Ring Ideas

Knuckle rings are know with name like midi ring, memory ring, or small ring. But no matter what you call knuckle ring the main question is that where these are wearing. Rings are show above your first knuckle. Single or layer design is founded in knuckle rings. You can divide the rings in your finger with up and down or a series direction. These styles of rings are made of gold or silver material. For casual to parties you can pick up the band ring jewelry.

Set of 5 Gold Knuckle Ring

With blue and black pent dressing trendy girls wear set of five gold knuckle rings. Thin gold band are divided on one hand or both as you like best. Center finger with double gold band while other with single look cute. Rich beauty of you impresses others in these gold knuckle ring set. In small finger thick gold band wears as compare to other thin.

Exact Once Simple Knuckle Ring

This winter you can enjoy knuckle ring with your long sleeve sweater. Simple but cute gold band are listed in both hand with red color long nail. Pretty beauty of finger make with these gold ring band. All finger ring band are is same size and shape. In gray color sweater sleeve knuckle ring spark and attract people.

Silver Knuckle Ring

Set of sterling silver knuckle ring wear the lady with star texture. Silver rings shine and give trendy look for any occasion. With White color nail silver knuckle ring you can easily wear. Silver band hug your finger tightly and don’t slip when you move your hand. Cheap knuckle ring you can also wear casually.

Mix & Match Knuckle Tube Band Ring

In above image trendy lady wear set of 7 dainty gold bands. It’s Amazing to wear knuckle tube band with division. You can enjoy front thin band with band thick. Dark blue shade nails also bright as gold knuckle ring. For special occasion these rings are especially design for you. Pair of rings wears in each finger that is thin. Thick gold band is visible in fair finger of lady.

Multi Band & V-Shape Knuckle Ring

In above image you can see six slim knuckle rings; two adjustable in v-shape are wearing with one regular gold ring band. Layering knuckle ring look great and appear shimmering expression. Impress other with division of ring in one hand fingers. Casually you can wear layer, alphabet shape and thick ring. Golden ring match with function dress become easy if you have heavy embellished dress.

Pair of Thick Band Knuckle Ring

Imagine life with pair of thick band that are made of with gold material. Golden and black color combination earlier you have seen in other jewelry but now enjoy hand beauty. Black color nails and gold knuckle ring are wearing with up and down position. It’s costly but attractive jewelry that like to wear modern ladies.

Gold Silver Finger Tip Knuckle Ring

Set of knuckle ring with golden silver tip you can enjoy for evening parties. For jewelry lover unique style of knuckle ring will be surprise. Finger stacking ring you can change in your finger as you best suit. Geometrical shape golden band ring decorate with silver stones that spark in day light.